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San Diego Minimum Wage and Sick-Time Leave Increase

Officially San Diego County Employees Wage Increase Is In Affect

The San Diego registrar of voters has certified the election results from the June 7th elections. This certification instantly puts into effect the minimum wage and sick-time law changes approved by voters in June.  The changes in the San Diego minimum wage and sick-time leave increase will affect any employee that performs services within the geographical boundaries of the city of San Diego, regardless of where the actual employer is physically located.

Here’s what the City of San Diego  minimum wage and sick-time increase will look like moving forward. If your business is located in the cities below, this will affect your business and your employees.

city of san diego map

What These Minimum Wage Increases Will Looks Like

The San Diego minimum wage is now $10.50 per hour, which is $.50 higher than the recently increased California minimum wage. Under this measure, the minimum wage in the city will rise again to $11.50 per hour on Jan. 1st 2017, making it $1 higher than what’s required by state law.  And in 2019, the state minimum wage will rise to $12 an hour, superseding San Diego’s wage bump. Wages will continue to be increased each year due to inflation; in the years following 2019. In brief, this is essentially what the wage increase will look like over the next few years.

minimum wage increase, california

Sick-time Has Also Officially Been Increased

Employees within the city of San Diego are also now legally entitled to receive 5 sick days per calendar year; rather than the 3 sick days per year mandated by California law. We will be working to communicate these changes with each client and to develop systems to comply with these new regulations.

Request an appointment to make sure your business is on track with the new wage regulations.

Written by Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson has been helping individual and small business clients with tax and financial planning for over 15 years. Starting with a degree in finance from the University of North Dakota, Jeff has continually increased his financial education. He currently holds the industry designations of Enrolled Agent (EA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). In addition, he holds a life and health insurance license from the state of California. Jeff is a member of the California Society of Enrolled agents and the Financial Planning Association.

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