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Is My Student Loan Interest Deductible?

Congratulations! You’ve finished your degree. You’re out in the workforce building your career. You’re filing taxes, and getting small refunds… Then you get a nice raise. And Bam!… What?… No more refund? And panic strikes. How did this happen!? Why … Continue reading

By Rita Devlin

What Is The California Minimum Wage Increase?

An increase in the California minimum wage seems simple enough.  But, as often is the case, the state of California has taken this seemingly simple concept and made it overly complicated and confusing. There are several unknown details that apply … Continue reading

By Jeff Johnson

1099-MISC Filing Deadline Moves Up for 2017

Beginning Tax Year 2016, the 1099-MISC filing deadline has been moved up! Employers will be required to file forms W-2 to the Social Security Administration & forms 1099-MISC returns to the Internal Revenue Service returns, no later than January 31, … Continue reading

By Jeff Johnson
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